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4th of July Trivia Cards for Kids: Free Printable Trivia Questions

The fourth of July is a time for family, friends, and fun! And what better way to celebrate than with some patriotic trivia? I’ve put together a set of printable Fourth of July trivia cards for kids. These questions are sure to test your knowledge of America’s history and culture. So print out the cards and get ready to have some fun!

With the Fourth of July coming up, it’s the perfect time to get in some patriotic fun with your kids! These printable Fourth of July trivia cards are a great way to keep them entertained (and learning) while you’re waiting for the fireworks show. They’re packed full of interesting facts and questions that will have everyone learning more about America.

These printable Fourth of July trivia cards are perfect for family game night or parties with friends. They’re also great to use as part of history studies in your homeschool or classroom.

How to Use These 4th of July Trivia Cards

To use these cards, simply print them out and cut them into individual cards. I recommend printing on heavy card stock paper for durability.

3 Different Ways to Play

There are three different ways to play these trivia cards. Choose the one that’s right for your family!

Option One: Basic Trivia

In this version, players simply take turns asking and answering questions. The player with the most correct answers at the end is the winner!

Option Two: Quiz Show Style

In this version, players compete to answer the most questions correctly. The player with the most correct answers at the end is the winner!

Option Three: Team Trivia

In this version, players team up and work together to answer the trivia questions. The team with the most correct answers at the end is the winner!

Whatever way you choose to play, we hope you have a blast! And happy Fourth of July!

24 Fourth of July Trivia Questions

  1. The United States of America was originally made up of how many colonies? 13
  2. On the original flag, in what shape were the stars laid out? Circle
  3. The capital of the United States is Washington DC, but it used to be… Philadelphia
  4. What bird did Benjamin Franklin want to be the national bird (instead of the Bald Eagle?) turkey
  5. Who was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
  6. Today the American flag has how many stars? 50
  7. The first president of the United States was: George Washington
  8. How many people signed the Declaration of Independence? 56
  9. Who wrote the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner?” Francis Scott Key
  10. What year were fireworks first used to celebrate the 4th of July? 1777
  11. What President was born on the 4th of July? Calvin Coolidge
  12. Name 3 presidents who have died on July 4th. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe
  13. What is considered the most American dessert? apple pie
  14. In what state was July 4 declared an official holiday? Massachusetts
  15. On what day did the majority of the people sign the Declaration of Independence? August 2, 1776
  16. Who was the oldest peron elected as president? Ronald Reagan
  17. Where is the oldest functioning airport in the USA? College Park, Maryland
  18. How many hot dogs are being consumed each year on the 4th of July? 150 million
  19. Who sewed the first US flag? Betsy Ross
  20. What do 13 stripes on the U.S. flag indicate? 13 original colonies
  21. How tall is the Statue of Liberty? 151 feet tall
  22. How much money is spent on fireworks every year? 211 million dollars
  23. Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? Francis Bellamy
  24. What are the first seven words of the Declaration of Independence? “When in the course of human events…”

Free Printable Fourth of July Trivia Cards

These printable are a great way to keep kids entertained during Independence Day festivities. So download them now and get ready for some exciting competition!

24 Fourth of July Trivia Cards for Kids @ AStorybookDay.com

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I hope you enjoy this printable set of 4th of July trivia questions for kids! Be sure to share with your friends and family on social media. And don’t forget to check out our other holiday-themed content while you’re here. Thanks for reading, and have a happy Independence Day!

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