Free Printable: Copy the Picture and Draw the Groundhog for Kids

Groundhog Day is a fun holiday that kids love! It’s all about a groundhog named Phil who predicts the weather. Kids can have fun too by copying the picture of Phil and drawing their own groundhog. I created this free printable for you to use, so your kids can enjoy the fun! Kids will love this copy the picture and draw then groundhog activity. Be sure to download your free copy today!

Are you looking for an easy, creative way to keep your young ones entertained and engaged? This free printable copy the picture and draw the groundhog activity is perfect for getting kids of all ages excited about Groundhog Day.

What is a copy the picture worksheet?

It’s a fun way for kids to practice their pencil control, eye-hand coordination, and overall fine motor skills. Kids will have fun coloring the picture of Phil and then drawing their own groundhog. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even be able to predict the weather!

How Using a Grid Helps Kids Learn to Draw

Using a grid to help kids draw can be incredibly beneficial for their learning. A grid divides the picture into squares, making it easier to break down each part of the drawing. Kids will learn how to observe different shapes and create them on paper. This is an excellent way of developing their eye-hand coordination. With practice, your child may even be able to draw a groundhog without the help of the grid.

Creating this activity is easy and can be done with little to no supplies. All you need is paper, pencils, markers, or crayons, and this printable! You can also change up the activity by using different colors and shapes. Have fun creating this Groundhog Day activity with your kids! Enjoy!

How to Do a Copy the Picture Activity

1. Download the Groundhog Day Copy the Picture Free Printable and print it out.

2. Have your child look carefully at Phil’s picture, then copy the picture inside the grid to help them break down each part of the drawing.

3. Have your child color in or shade each square until they have filled in all the spaces.

4. Encourage your child to practice drawing by themselves and compare it to Phil’s picture.

6. Finally, don’t forget to have fun predicting what kind of weather you will have on Groundhog Day!

Free Printable Copy the Picture and Draw the Groundhog

To get started, print out your free copy of the Groundhog Day Copy the Picture and Draw the Groundhog activity. Then, have your kids follow along as they copy the picture of Phil. Encourage them to make it unique by adding features of their own invention. When they’re done, display the finished artwork proudly on your refrigerator, and let everyone admire the sweet art created by your young ones.

How to Download

Just click on the button below and you’ll be taken to the download page.


Groundhog Day is an exciting holiday that kids can enjoy too! With this free printable Copy the Picture and Draw the Groundhog activity, your kids will have a blast practicing their fine motor skills and predicting what kind of weather Phil will see. Download your free copy today, and have a fun day with your little ones on Groundhog Day!

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