My Fingerprint Bug Jar Printable

Fingerprint bugs are a fun way to bring a little nature and creativity into your child’s day. Today I’m sharing how to make your own fingerprint bugs and you can download my free printable Fingerprint bug jar. The materials needed are simple and inexpensive and the instructions are very easy to follow.

Free Printable Fingerprint Bug Jar @

My Fingerprint Bug Jar

If your children are anything like my girls… they love bugs. This is a fun little craft that you can easily do with your children.

Simply print out the sheet – I prefer printing on card stock for durability – and let your children go to work creating bugs of their very own by dipping their fingertips into either a small amount of paint or onto an ink pad.

Press your fingerprint onto the sheet inside the bug jar and then once the fingerprints are done, add details such as a body, eyes, legs, or antennae.

What are fingerprint bugs?

Fingerprint bugs are a fun and easy way to learn about science. They can also be used in art projects or as STEM enrichment activities for children of all ages. These DIY insects have a small body, large head with antennae, and an even larger eye where the fingerprint is placed on it.

How to make a fingerprint bug

The materials needed to make these cute little critters are:

  • ink pads
  • a pen or marker
  • paper

Have your child press their finger in the ink and then place it on paper. Trace around the finger and then cut out the shape to make a bug body with a head, wings, etc.

Ideas for What to Do with Your Fingerprints After They Dry

Once you’ve made your fingerprint bugs,  have your child draw on them with markers. You could also use crayons, pencils, or paint to add more detail.

You can make a group of bugs and attach them together to create an insect mobile that you can hang in the window for easy viewing.

Use my free printable Fingerprint Bug Jar below to “catch” some bugs with your kids.

Learn How to Make Fingerprint Bugs

Fingerprint bugs are so much fun to make! Learn how to make these little creatures in the video below. Then, use what you’ve learned to make your own fingerprint bugs in the free printable fingerprint bug jar below.

3 Fingerprint Bug Books to Read

Free Printable Fingerprint Bug Jar

Free Printable Fingerprint Bug Jar @

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I hope you and your children enjoy this fun but simple craft!

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