10 Books about Endangered Animals

Reading to your kids is so important! These books are great for read-alouds and for independent reading for your child. This list of 10 books about endangered animals is great for use when learning about animals, the environment, around Earth Day.

10 Books to Read about Endangered Animals @ aStorybookDay.com

With Earth Day approaching soon, now’s the perfect time to start talking about endangered animals in your homeschool. These books will get your child interested and learning more!

10 of the Most Famous Endangered Species

According to the Encyclopedia of Britannica, some of the most well known endangered species include:

  1. giant panda
  2. tiger
  3. whooping crane
  4. blue whale
  5. Asian elephant
  6. sea otter
  7. snow leopard
  8. gorilla
  9. Tasmanian devil
  10. orangutan

10 Books About Endangered Animals

Inside these beautiful and captivating books about endangered animals you’ll learn so much about the environment and how to protect these animals in danger of going extinct.

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Free Printable Animal Report Template

Endangered Animals Report Template @ aStorybookDay.com

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