Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas + Free Printable Animal Report Template

Studying about endangered animals and how important it is to protect the world around us is something every child should be exposed to! These Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas will help you get started teaching your kids about the subject.

Also, be sure to download my free printable Animal Report Worksheet at the bottom of the post!

Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas @ aStorybookDay.com

It’s important to teach kids about the world they live in and how we need to protect it. One way to do this is by teaching them about endangered animals and what causes these animals’ population numbers to dwindle. This unit study will help you get started, providing a list of ideas that are sure to engage your children!

With the help of these Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas, you can teach your children about endangered animals and how important it is to protect the world around us. From learning more about specific animals to getting creative with crafts and projects, there are so many ways for kids to learn.

Did you know that there are currently over 40,000 endangered species on the planet? The best way to protect these animals is by teaching kids all about them. This post includes a variety of unit study ideas for kids to help teach them about the importance of protecting the environment and how they can contribute to th cause as well.

What is an endangered animal?

An endangered animal is a plant or animal species whose numbers have decreased and it faces the threat that its population will decrease even more. The term “endangered” refers to an increased risk for extinction in the near future, while “threatened” implies a lessening degree of endangerment but not yet at the

Why are Animals Endangered and What Can We Do to Help Them Survive

Animals become endangered when their habitat is threatened or they are hunted. We can help endangered animals survive by protecting their habitats and not hunting them for food.

We can help protect animals by recycling, reusing, and reducing our waste.

We can also help by planting trees to create more habitats for animals like the Golden-cheeked Warbler that live in Texas.

Some other ways we can help protect endangered animals and their habitats are by not using chemical pesticides, and also by planting flowers.

We can help some animals include the Giant Panda, Orangutan, Golden-cheeked Warbler, Humpback Whale, Leatherback Turtle, and many more!

If you want to learn about an endangered animal or protect a habitat with your kids you can visit the World Wildlife Fund website.

The Importance of Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing

It’s so important to teach our kids to be aware of the environment and how their daily habits can affect it.

Reusing old items is a great way to do this as you are being environmentally friendly and saving money!

We could all benefit from trying to reduce our waste, including food wrappers, paper towels, plastic bags, and more. It doesn’t much effort to be more mindful of the things we do that affect the environment.

By being more thoughtful, we can all make a difference and help save our planet! It’s easy to teach your kids these habits as well and so important to do so.

Recycling is another great way that we can make a difference and help save our planet. We should be recycling at least one item per day to make a real impact on the environment!

It’s so easy and can take little time- we just have to remember to do it every single day, which isn’t hard either. Some of these ideas might feel like a small change, but those few minutes are really adding up!

Kids will be more likely to want to make changes when they understand how it benefits the planet and themselves. I want to encourage you to encourage your children to be more mindful of how their actions affect the environment!

Ways to Get Involved in Helping Endangered Animals 

There are several ways you and your kids can get involved in helping endangered animals:

  • Volunteering at a local zoo or animal shelter.  This is great for kids who love animals and want to spend some time learning more about the animals in their care, but it’s also good if your child needs community service hours!
  • Another idea is to participate in a local conservation event.
  • Making your home as eco-friendly and animal-friendly as possible, like installing solar panels or getting pet food from humane sources.  This is also good for kids who are interested in science!

I hope these Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas helps you find the perfect project to do with your children and get you thinking about the impact you have on the world around you!

Resources for Kids to Learn More About Endangered Animals

Here are a few great resources for kids to learn more about endangered animals:

Studying endangered animals and how important it is to protect the world around us is something every child should be exposed to! These Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas will help you get started teaching your kids about the subject.

Endangered Animals Unit Study Activities:

#1 Do a research project on an endangered animal, the threats it faces, its natural environment, and what we can do to protect it from extinction;

#2 Create an art project about an endangered animal, including a sketch of the animal and its natural environment;

#3 Write about an endangered species in your region. What is it? Why are they threatened? How can we help save them from extinction?

#4 Visit a local wildlife sanctuary or zoo. Find out how they are involved in the conservation of endangered species;

#5 Create a quiz about endangered animals and their habitats, with questions for the adults to answer as well.

#6 Play a game like 20 Endangered Animal Questions by asking “Is it a land animal?” or “Does it have wings?”

#7 Explore your local environment. What animals live there? Which ones are threatened?

#8 Create a book about endangered species, with illustrations and text

#9 Visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida and learn about the animals they have, and how they are helping to save endangered species. What are the animals’ habitats at Disney like?

#10 Create a poster or billboard campaign with your message to save endangered species

Endangered Animal Unit Study Ideas

You can find a complete list of the endangered animals from the World Wildlife Foundation.

  1. Endangered Species Project @ Kids World Citizens
  2. TP Roll Zoo Animals @ Red Ted Art
  3. How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have Math Activity @School Time Snippits
  4. Rhino Paper Plate Craft @ Crafty Morning
  5. Rhino LapBook @ Homeschool Share
  6.  Good Night Gorilla Legos @ Adventure in a Box
  7. A-Z Endangered Animals @ Learn Create Love
  8. Endangered Species and Habitats @ Every Star is Different
  9. DIY Safari Puppets @ Handmade Charlotte
  10. Endangered Species Worksheets @ SSS Teaching
  11. Animal Coloring Books @ Kristin Dembroski
  12. Endangered Animal Facts @ Active Wild
  13. National Geographic Kids on a Mission: Animal Rescue @ YouTube.com
  14. Endangered Species Game @ AMNH.org
  15. Endangered Species STEM Lesson @ The Learning Hypothesis

 Books to Read about Endangered Animals

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Endangered Animals Worksheets

More Resources

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In the end, it’s important to remember that kids are impressionable and will take in what they see. With this guide of fun ideas for teaching kids about endangered animals, you have an arsenal at your disposal. But don’t feel limited by these–share any other great activities you’ve found with us!

Free Printable Animal Report Template

Endangered Animals Report Template @ aStorybookDay.com

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