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Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas + Free Printable Animal Report Template


Studying about endangered animals and how important it is to protect the world around us is something every child should be exposed to! These Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas will help you get started teaching your kids about the subject.

Also, be sure to download my free printable Animal Report Worksheet at the bottom of the post!

Endangered Animals Unit Study Ideas @ aStorybookDay.com

Endangered Animal Unit Study Ideas

You can find a complete list of the endangered animals from the World Wildlife Foundation.

  1. Endangered Species Project @ Kids World Citizens
  2. TP Roll Animals @ Red Ted Art
  3. How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have Math Activity @School Time Snippits
  4. R is for Rhino @ Mud Hut Mama
  5. Rhino LapBook @ A Moment in Our World
  6.  Good Night Gorilla Legos @ Adventure in a Box
  7. A-Z Endangered Animals @ Learn Create Love
  8. Activities to Teach Kids about Endangered Animals @ My Kids Guide
  9. Endangered Species and Habitats @ Every Star is Different
  10. DIY Safari Puppets @ Handmade Charlotte
  11. Endangered Species Worksheets @ SSS Teaching
  12. Animal Coloring Books @ Kristin Dembroski
  13. Endangered Animal Fact Sheets @ Kids Planet
  14. National Geographic Kids on a Mission: Animal Rescue @ YouTube.com
  15. Endangered Species Game @ AMNH.org
  16. Endangered Species STEM Lesson @ The Learning Hypothesis

 Books to Read about Endangered Animals

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Endangered Animals Worksheets

More Resources

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Free Printable Animal Report Template

Endangered Animals Report Template @ aStorybookDay.com

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