Spring Unit Study Ideas


Do you love spring as much as I do? It just feels like a fresh start, don’t you think? Here are some fun ideas for you to do with your kids.

Things to do this Spring:

  1. Make a tree house for dolls.
  2. Make a Strand of Flower Lights for your daughter’s room or the patio or the sunroom.
  3. Discover the Forest
  4. Fingerprint Rainy Day Craft
  5. Bottle-cap Caterpillar 
  6. Spring Worksheets for school.
  7. Garden Lamp-scapes for  bedroom.
  8. Baby Blue Bird Craft – too cute!
  9. Make LifeSaver Flower Lollipops 
  10. Pretzel Bunnies and Chicks
  11. Painted Bunny Art Lesson
  12. Paper Daffodils – make a bouquet 
  13. Still Life Vases to Paint
  14. Spring Nature Walk Worksheet
  15. Spring Writing Prompt

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