Circus Themed Activities + Worksheets for Pre-K

Circus Themed Activities and Worksheets @

I remember the first time I ever went to the circus as a kid. So many good memories of the shows, the food, and the music. It was a night of laughter and excitement.

You can do some fun circus themed activities with your kids for homeschool or just as a fun learning activity outside of school.

5 Circus Themed Activities & Snacks

  1. Circus Themed Playdough Mats from ABC’s of Literacy
  2. Circus Popcorn from Strength and Sunshine
  3. Flaming Hoops from The Inspired Treehouse
  4. Jester Hat Craft from Woo! Jr.
  5. Circus Themed Sensory Bin from The OT Toolbox

5 Circus Themed Books to Read

Free Printable Circus Themed Pre-K Worksheets

These Circus Themed Worksheets are not only cute, but educational. With the bright colors and fun illustrations, your child will enjoy learning. You can download this set below.

Circus Worksheets for Pre-K @

This five page set includes:

  • Make the “A” appear worksheet
  • B is for Ball handwriting practice sheets
  • Add up the Tickets Math worksheet
  • Monkey Ball Takeaway Substration worksheet
  • Match the letters worksheet

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