Conversation Hearts Sensory Bin

Conversation Hearts Sensory Math Game for Preschoolers @

Preschool Sensory Math Game for Valentine’s Day

A simple and fun Valentine’s conversation hearts math {counting/graphing} game with a twist! This is a fantastic game to work on number recognition and one to one counting.

Materials Needed

Small Container {dollar store}
Sensory Filler: Colored Rice
Conversation Candy Hearts
Dot Dice
Kid Crafting Tray
Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers


1-3 Player Game – Play with your Kids

  1. Assemble this super simple sensory bin by combining rice and conversation hearts.
  2. Add in any additional scoops or sensory play items desired.
  3. Roll the die and pick out corresponding number in same color with fine motor tweezers.
  4. Set candy hearts in strips/graph on the tray.
  5. First color or player to ten wins!

Play together in building colors working way down line or play against each other with each person being a different color. Have fun!

Conversation Hearts Sensory Math Game for Preschoolers @

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