Fun and Delicious Rainbow Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love!

There are so many ways to make breakfast a fun experience for your kids. One way is by making a rainbow of food on their plate. I mean, who doesn’t love a rainbow? Kids love all the colors and this will be sure to get them excited about eating! The possibilities are endless when it comes to making breakfast fun again! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite rainbow breakfast ideas for you to try.

Rainbow Breakfast Ideas @ aStorybookDay.com

I have always loved rainbows. They are just so happy. Don’t you think?

And as much as I love happy endings, I also love happy beginnings. These rainbow breakfast ideas are sure to start the day off happy.

From rainbow pancakes to fruit platters and drinks, you’re sure to find some fun ideas for your next rainbow breakfast.

These rainbow breakfast recipes would be perfect for a weekend brunch, or when prepped ahead you could definitely serve them any day of the week. Okay, so let’s look at the recipes!

Rainbow Breakfast Ideas

Fun Facts About the Rainbow

You can read these fun facts to your kids as they eat their rainbow breakfast!

  1. The colors in a rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
  2. A rainbow is the result of sunlight shining on water droplets
  3. Rainbows can be seen all over the world
  4. Sir Isaac Newton is the first person to discover the seven distinct colors of the visible spectrum
  5. Rainbows are God’s promise never to flood the whole world again- Genesis 9

I’ve shared some of my favorite rainbow breakfast ideas on this blog post. There are so many ways to make a rainbow breakfast fun and memorable. I hope you enjoy these ideas!

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