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Paper Bird's Nest Craft @

I originally found this craft over at the Kangaroo Boo Blog (no longer there) and adapted it for my needs.

When I first saw this craft, I totally fell in love with how sweet it was. I love birds – in fact, I collect birds and you’ll find them tucked on shelves, in corners or on paintings all around my house!

I used this craft for one of my children ministry programs – for about 80 children – this year at campmeeting.

Baby Bird Nest Craft

Materials {per child}

  • 1 brown lunch bag
  • 1 blue Easter egg
  • orange construction paper
  • black Sharpie marker
  • brown shredded paper
  • glue or a glue dot 

Begin by carefully rolling the edges of the brown paper bag down into a next shape. Depending on the age of the children doing this craft you may or may not want to roll the lunch bag into a nest shape for them.

Add shredded brown paper to the center of the nest. I found brown paper shreds in plastic bags at the Dollar Tree. You could also use a shredder to cut up some brown construction paper.

Use a Sharpie marker to make “eyes” on the wide end of the blue egg. Cut out a small beak from orange construction paper. I just free handed these with a pair of scissors. I used a single glue dot for each beak and that worked really well. I love glue dots!

Place your baby bird in the nest and your done!

I love working with children and finding great crafts to correlate to the lesson. This craft could be used for a number of Bible illustrations or as a homeschool craft for a story book or nature study!

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