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ABC's of Summer Fun {A is for Art} Series | A Virtuous Woman

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What child doesn’t love to express themselves with art? Okay, maybe some, but I don’t personally know any! My children love to delve into any kind of art project that I suggest. So summer wouldn’t be summer without at least a few fun art projects!

Remember that part of the fun and what makes any project memorable is when you, Mom, takes the time to do it with your children. More than anything, children crave our undivided attention! So get down on the floor with your kids or sit at the kitchen table and have some fun! Enjoy your kids!

  1. Nature Critters. You could do this anytime! This would be a perfect Sabbath afternoon activity or even a fun activity while camping!
  2. Watercolor Insects. I can’t wait to try this with my girls!
  3. Hand Illusion Drawing. Too cool!
  4. Mixed Media Owl Project.
  5. Koi Fish Tutorial. Very pretty!
  6. Black Glue and Watercolor Resist. {Stained Glass Look}
  7. Seahorses from Paper Plates. You could make several of these and make a mobile to hang in your child’s bedroom!
  8. Alder Bee Craft. These are just too sweet.
  9. Paper Sand Dollars. Can’t travel to the beach… use your imaginations!
  10. Tissue Paper Flowers. I remember loving this when I was a girl!

My three youngest girls – Emily 16, Hannah 12, and Laura 9 –  and I had a lot of fun spending the morning doing the Koi Fish Tutorial. The results were impressive! They each expressed and interest in doing this again and even trying the technique with other animals. My daughter Sarah (18) is away working at Summer Camp. We miss her!

 And here’s a look at our finished Koi Fish Artwork:


Koi Fish Art Project | A Virtuous Woman


Koi Fish Art Project | A Virtuous Woman


Koi Fish Art Project | A Virtuous Woman


Koi Fish Art Project | A Virtuous Woman

Look for tomorrow’s post… ABC’s of Summer Fun {B is for BUBBLES}.

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