The Bible Story Books for Homeschool #1

The Bible Story Books for Homeschool @ #homeschool

For my two youngest children, I am using the Bible Story Books for our Bible lessons this year. My older girls used them several years ago. We have also used these books for family worship in the past. They are wonderful!

My husband and I love these books so much we purchased each of our children a used set off – which we are saving for when they grow up and leave home. Definitely worth every penny!

Anyway, I am compiling a list of worksheets, crafts, and videos to use alongside the stories.

Each of the book in the ten volume series are broken up into sections, so I will be listing the ideas by accordingly.

Volume 1: Part 1

Stories of Creation – 10 Stories

I will try to post new ideas each week in this series.

 What are you using for Bible lessons this year? I’d love to hear!

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